Upholstery & Innovative fabrics

Nelen & Delbeke is a fully integrated weaver of high-end fabrics for home furnishings and upholstery, specialized in Linen, mixed linen.The use of flax will always stay our core business and we are proud of it as the flax fiber is exceptional, not only for the use of it but also for the environment.

We have an extended stock range of 100% linen fabrics and mixtures in different weights and colors which are available by piece. 

Nelen & Delbeke is an innovative company, always improving by using new technological techniques, special yarns, applying all kind of coatings and great embroderies. We like to try new things, think out of the box.

  • Technological Techniques: Laser designs, foil finishes (metalic and animal prints) Special dying techniques (pigment dye, reactive dye, catonisation dye), Shintz.
  • Special Yarns: Our linen is also combined with novelty yarns like raffia, metallic yarns, viscose, … which gives the collection a refined exclusive look.
  • Coatings: Metalic coatings, protection coatings, wax finish
  • Embroideries: We can apply any embroidery, no limits, on our 100% linen and mixed linen with different yarns: mercerized cotton, linen, wool, silk, … and in all sizes based on 50 meters orders. We can put embroidery on fabrics from 140 cm width up to 300 cm. You can even send your own design.