Outdoor Fabrics

Solution Dyed Polyprop


Nelen & Delbeke is honoured to present his newest fabrics produced with yarns from the latest technology, for residential furniture as well as for contract in- and/or outdoor use. It is extremely soft as well as resistant to fungus and bacteria. It is very high UV-resistant and has excellent light fastness. The used fibre is non-absorbent and stains saltiness, chlorine, sweat, oil, and all kinds of common stains.

The fabrics are produced with the yarn that is nature friendly produced from non-toxic and non-allergenic substances. The material is revolutionary and innovated in his range. It has passed numerous compatibility tests including those of nutrition and hospital thanks to the high resistance to fungus and bacteria. The care of the fabrics is easily to perform. It is easily washable at 40°, it does not fade and does not require ironing. It is the lightest in weight amongst all of the known yarn (the on-ly one that floats). Physical performances are high in Martindale and Pilling.

Polypropelene is 100% RECYCLABLE and the energy consumed to produce it is less than any other known synthetic fibre. The environ-mental advantage achieved is considerable. We can also put embroderies on your outdoor fabrics with our polypropelene yarns. Any design is possible with a min of 50m. Our outdoor fabrics can also be treated with a soil resistant finish, fire retarded finish and a liquid barrier finish.