Nelen & Delbeke was founded in 1923 by Mr. Alfred Nelen and William Delbeke. A first generation from 1923 - 1955. 

Later their sons Mr. Robert Nelen and Jacques Delbeke, the second generation 1955 - 1988.

The third generation from 1988 - 2002, Mr. Bernard Nelen & Mr. Thierry Delbeke.

From 2002 until today Mrs. Caroline Delbeke & Mr. Thierry Delbeke are proud to be at your service.


We have a loom facility which is continuously updated with the newest technology.

We follow the market and keep our production up to date with high-tech equipment in dobby or Jacquard looms, including different types of machinery, which have their own specific skills.

Our new location, in Kruisem, gives us the possibility to invest in the most advanced technology of looms so we can offer our customers the best quality and service.