The name “proposte” suggests the textile manufacturers’ desire to always offer their clients new proposals.
The logotype is set in Bodoni types from the Manual of Giambattista Bodoni, a printer and publisher who lived from 1740 and 1813, and it underlines the fact that this is an Italian initiative.


Regarding the “P” logo, Massimo Abbondi, designer of the Proposte ’93 image, said “The slanting lines of the logo represent the textile product coming out of an imaginary textile machine, depicted as a semicircle, part of the geometrically perfect shape of the circle, a good symbol for a modern, professional manufacturing industry. The line of the loop on the P, pictorially represented, symbolises the creative imagination needed to find new products; and finally, the use of colour underlines the intention to create products for interior decoration”.

In 1993, a large number of the most qualified Italian furnishing textiles industrialists promoted the PROPOSTE fair. What was needed was a specialised and selective fair, which, starting from the consolidated MADE IN ITALY, would highlight the quality and professionalism of MADE IN EUROPE.

SPECIALIZED because the exhibitors are exclusively direct producers of furnishing and curtain fabrics. SELECTIVE because these exhibitors share at least three characteristics: the qualification of their companies and products, their professional fairness, their commitment to research and experimentation in the field of aesthetics and in that of technologies.

Proposte is an exhibition with free admission reserved to operators belonging to the following business sectors: textile editors, upholstered furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, converters, major retail chains, contract industry professionals.

The exhibiting location is Villa Erba in Cernobbio (Como – Italy).

PROPOSTE 1993 | 44 exhibitors, 38 of which Italian and 6 from other European countries, and 2500 visitors. In 1997 PROPOSTE obtained the Italian government’s acknowledgement as international fair.

PROPOSTE 2019 | 85 exhibitors, of whom 33 are Italian and 52 from abroad.


Nelen & Delbeke has passed the qualification to be able to have a booth at this fair. 

Date: 18/04/2023 - 20/04/2023

Stand nr: Ala Lario 4 ( same location as last year)

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